Mao Yaqi 【Martial Arts Grand Slam • The 1st Person in the World】

Wushu Culture Ambassador

  • Champion of the National Games of the People's Republic of China
  • Champion of the World Championship
  • Champion of the Asian Games
  • Master of Physical Education, Zhejiang University
  • The fourth generation student of the intangible heritage of Chinese medicine

Zhao Lixin

Associate Professor in Shandong Agricultural University

Zhao Lixin, styling himself as Yuanshuo, a native of Anqiu, Shandong Province, is currently an associate professor in Shandong Agricultural University. As a famous Chinese calligrapher, he is a member of the Chinese Calligrapher Association, a commissioner of the Inscribing Committee of Calligrapher Association of Shandong Province, director of Dongyue Calligraphy and Painting Research Institute, and vice chairman of the Calligraphy Association of Taian. He is also a member of Zhonghua Poetry Association of China.

  Zhao Lixin is becoming a full-fledged Chinese calligrapher. Many of Zhao Lixin’s calligraphic works have been chosen to be displayed in exhibitions held by Chinese Calligrapher Association as well as other important professional journals and newspapers, such as “Calligraphy”,”Calligraphy Guide”. Many of his works have also been prized as official gifts sent to renowned scientists and celebrities like Li Zhensheng,Niu Manjiang etc.

  His calligraphic works have now been favourites collected by many calligraphy lovers ranging from Americans,Japanese ,Germans to lovers from Singpore,Malasia etc. His poets and proses can also be seen in various periodicals or newspapers.